Gundle Geosynthetics have completed more than 3500 projects and installed over 20 Million m² of HDPE and 15 Million m² of other geosynthetic liners.

Who is
Gundle Geosynthetics?

Gundle Geosynthetics is a division of the Gundle Plastics Group. Gundle Geosynthetics Owned by Zola Fubu, Gundle Plastics Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Winhold Group.

For over a decade, Gundle Geosynthetics has been supplying and installing HDPE & geosynthetic materials.

In Gundle Geosynthetic’s many years of experience, we have successfully completed more than 3500 projects, installed over 20 Million m² of HDPE and 15 Million m² of other geosynthetic liners (including; Geotextiles, GCL’s, leakdrain etc.).

Gundle Geosynthetics knows that time and budget constraints are important aspects for any project – so we focus on providing you accurate quotations and short lead times.
And of course, with Gundle Geosynthetics, superior quality material and services are the minimum working standard!

Gundle Geosynthetics

What can we do for you?

At Gundle Geosynthetics orchestrate the supply and installation of HDPE liner (also known as Geomembrain or dam liner), as well as, other Geosynthetic materials such as Geotextiles, Geosythetical Clay Liners (GCL’s), Gundrain (Drainage Membranes), Geocells, Geogrids and HDPE Drainage Pipes.

With 14 years’ experience behind us, we have cost effective, quality controlled, market leading material and the years of knowledge and experience that comes with being part of the Gundle Group.

The Gundle Geosynthetics Quality Control Plan has been developed to incorporate the Geosynthetic Research Institute (GRI) standard specifications, SANS 10 409:2008 and ISO 9001:2015. These specifications were incorporated to ensure that quality is the vital determining factor for every project.

Where Are We?

Lining Africa one m² at a time!

Gundle has branches in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Germiston, Lowveld and Springs.
Aside from our branches, Gundle is lining Africa one m2 at a time. To name a few, we’ve lined Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Eritrea, Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone and Senegal. In total we’ve reached across 22 boarders!

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