Gundle Geo’s history

Our affiliation with Gundle Plastics Group, which is a subsidiary of the Winhold Group, is a relationship that provides financial muscle, security and stability, as well as, years of knowledge and experience.

Gundle Geosynthetics is a division of the Gundle Plastic Group and was established in 2004. Since then, Gundle Geosynthetics has built a reputation through efficient service, quality products and unbeatable workmanship.

The Gundle Group was recently bought by Mr Z Fubu, with his Vision & Planning the Gundle Group will have a Bright Future.

Gundle Geo Present

  • We are a young, though experienced team that is dedicated to growing the business through attention to detail, quality, service and a professional approach.


  • Gundle Geosynthetics is technically focused and is able to design, supply and install geomembrains material, in most lining applications. This means peace of mind to all our customers. All our material and installation equipment strictly adhere to South African and International standards.


  • Our ISO certification together with our QA/QC on site System, back to back with SANS10 409 & SANS 1526 Standards (GRI GM13/17) assures the highest quality, consistently.


  • Strong relationships with international manufacturers, as well as, our own manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce superior quality material.


  • Water Storage Dams/Reservoirs
  • Water Canals
  • Heap Leach Pads
  • Bund areas
  • Environmentally friendly and green building solution (green roofs + rain water harvesting)
  • Evaporation Ponds
  • Aeration Ponds
  • Landfill Cappings
  • Ornamental Lakes
  • Potable Water
  • Reservoirs
  • Tunnels
  • Environmental Protection
  • Irrigation Dams
  • Aquatic Farming Ponds
  • Landfills

Gundle Geo Client List:

  • Local and International Landfill Owners
  • International Mines
  • Power Utilities
  • Major Civil Contractors