Enviroliner Geomembranes is used for various applications: For Fluid and Solid containment systems
Water Storage Dams/Reservoirs, Water Canals, Heap Leach Pads, Bund areas, Irrigation Dams, Aquatic Farming Ponds, Landfills, Evaporation Ponds, Aeration Ponds, Landfill Cappings, Ornamental Lakes, Potable Water, Reservoirs, Tunnels and for Environmental Protection, to name a few.

We offer HDPE geomembranes in various thicknesses and grades mainly:

  • 1.0mm , 1,5mm , 2mm are our main stocked products but we offer 0.3 – 3.0mm
  • Flat Die or Blown film
  • OIT/CEE or GRI GM 13 or HP OIT
  • 7m / 7.5m / 8m / 5.1m widths
  • Varies with lengths ranging from 72m – 210m (depending on the thickness)
  • Smooth / Mono textured / double textured
  • Textures are offered in emobossed, co-extruded blown, structured or spikes.