HDPE Liner


Enviroliner Geomembranes is used for various applications: For Fluid and Solid containment systems Water Storage Dams/Reservoirs, Water Canals, Heap Leach Pads, Bund areas, Irrigation Dams, Aquatic Farming Ponds, Landfills, Evaporation Ponds, Aeration Ponds, Landfill Cappings, Ornamental Lakes, Potable Water, Reservoirs, Tunnels and for Environmental Protection, to name a few.

We offer HDPE geomembranes in various thicknesses and grades mainly:

1.0mm , 1,5mm , 2mm are our main stocked products but we offer 0.3 – 3.0mm
Flat Die or Blown film
7m / 7.5m / 8m / 5.1m widths
Varies with lengths ranging from 72m – 210m (depending on the thickness)
Smooth / Mono textured / double textured
Textures are offered in emobossed, co-extruded blown, structured or spikes.



Guntex Geotextiles are offered in various grades to suit your protection, filtering, seperation, drainage, stabilization and reinforcement needs. Available from 120g – 1500g/m²

Recycled Polyester non woven needle punched geotextiles
Virgin Polypropylene non woven needle punched geotextiles
Woven polypropylene slit film geotextiles
(120gms – 1500gms)



GUNDLE GCL’s (Geosynthetic Clay liners) are offered in various masses and grades for sealing of Earth dams , Cappings and landfills.

Geosynthetic Clay liners:
Consisting out of a woven and non woven geotextile with Bentinite powder / granules encased in between.
Manufactured according to GRI GCL3 standards.
3600g/m² – 4700g/m²

Gundle GEO Gundrain Membrane


GUNDRAIN MEMBRANES are ased as a leakage detector in Landfills, Leachade pads and fields where leakage detection is required.

Gundrain Membranes:
Gundrain-1-Range – is drainage geocomposite is a preformed cavity drainage system designed to relieve water penetration from basements and buried structures. It is designed for use on both new and existing structures a preformed
SU – RANGE – Single cuspated HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) high strength and performance core. The core under pressure conducts leachade and other particle liquids without clogging. Generally used as a leakage detection between two geomembranes.
Gundrain – 2 -Range – consists of a high strength flexible polyethylene cuspated core with a non-woven geotextile filter fabric bonded onto one or either side. The geotextile filters a wide range of materials, whilst allowing free passage of fluids into the core of the geocomposite to be drained to a discharge.The HDPE core in Pozidrain forms a drainage medium, the channels between the dimples are designed to support the geotextile which is bonded to the core and ensure that it doesn’t deform into the drainage passage under the pressure of the fill material. Unlike pipes this core design allows flow in all directions. When compared with mineral drainage layers Pozidrain offers a much thinner layer with superior flow capacity. This reduces the required thickness of the capping and base lining system resulting in more fill void and buried structures.

Gundle GEO Geocells


GEOCELLS are used as Erosion control, landscaping, Load support, Canal lining used when concreting canal.

Honeycomb-like structure manufactured from woven Polypropylene or HDPE or LDPE
Various heights – 75mm / 100mm / 150mm
Mess size 300mm x 300mm



GEOGRIDS are used in Base Re-enforcements, retaining wall construction, Embankment re-enforcement, Pile cap platforms

Highly orientated polypropylene or polyester bar that is uniformly extruded or specially welded to achieve a high modulus and strength at low elongations.



HDPE Geopipes are used for leakage detection, drainage, for fluids, cables and solids etc. Various grades offered to suit your requirements. Ø75,Ø110 and Ø160 pipes.

HDPE Geopipes:
Kableflex – Underground buried cable conduit and accessories.
Drainex – flexible slotted drainage pipe with smooth bore.
Wastex – drainage pipes for the collection of Leachate in solid waste landfill enviromental containment systems.